Isl Ens Nor
15.09 2010

The Glacier is back to White

It snowed on the glacier yesterday so we had our old, white glacier back for a day... but this morning it had turned gray again.

We are going to start harvesting the wheat this week and the fields are looking good.
08.08 2010

The cows can finally go out

The plants that were damaged by th ash storm in July are now growing back again. We have been harvesting the fields for the second time and it looks like we have to harvest them for the third time!
01.07 2010

Ash-storm on Þorvaldseyri

There was an ash-storm today on Þorvaldseyri. Visibility was very low and one could barely see nearby houses as wind reached 42m/s (151kph or 94mph) on a nearby farm Steinar...